Monday, July 31, 2006


Headline : Officials in OWWA fund row fail to attend Senate inquiry

KUNG FU SHOES says: Marked absent, no excuse letter allowed, no political asylum allowed. helppp don't let them get out of the country. What is it with me? Am I getting paranoid that every time there is one official who can not give shed light to the money issues, i am thinking that he will just disappear. Ahhhhhh masyalo maloloko ako.(make pukpok of ulo sa semento).

News said:Philippine Ambassador to Lebanon Al Francis Bicharra reiterated that his office did not receive any money from the Department of Foreign Affairs for the evacuation of Filipino workers from the war-torn country.

KUNG FU SHOES says: How many times does he have to tell you that. KULIT KASI....

News said : Sana said the embassy should start working on a registry of OFWs and locate them.

KUNG FU SHOES says: Sana nga, no pa hinihintay ninyo PASKO ? grrrrrr... ploink ploink (sound of crashing pots and pans)

News said :Brion explained that OWWA was spending the more than eight billion-peso funds generated out of the contributions of OWWA members “judiciously” to ensure the sustainability of the fund and the continued provision of programs and services to the OFWs and their dependents.

KUNG FU SHOES says: Take note, judiciously, no longer WISELY as previously quoted.
Did they read my comment in my previous blog? hehehehehe
The THREE KINGS were also referred to as THREE WISE MEN from the EAST because they were able to evade King Herod. WISE SILA beybi.

News said: He said it was just proper that the government got its funding from the general appropriations since the 7.6 million-peso budget of OWWA was for eight million Filipinos abroad and not only for evacuees in Lebanon.

KUNG FU SHOES says: Now it is only 7.6 million. What is the correct amount ba talaga? 8 billion, 7.6 billion or 10 billion? Babatuhin ko na kayo niyan ng abacus.

News said: Meanwhile, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will ask Congress to pass a 500 million-peso supplemental budget for the evacuation of Filipinos in Lebanon, according to Albay Representative Joey Salceda, her economic adviser at the House of Representatives.

KUNG FU SHOES says: Eh billion nga ang pera sa OWWA. No gagawin nila doon patutubuan ng talaba. Salawikain goes: Kaya may isinuksok para may titingalain. Yon pala ang sinuksok, sisilipin kung kaninong bulsa nakasiksik.

Sabi nga ng aking kaibigang Ca t.

Die you corrupt humans.


Sunday, July 30, 2006


Headline: Joker Arroyo: Still no OWWA funds sent to embassy

KUNG FU SHOES says: Wire transfer takes only a few minutes. Baka gamit, alambre ng sampayan. yuk yuk yuk.

Joker Arroyo said: "Our government agencies are misleading the public into believing that it has sent funds to the Philippine Embassy in Lebanon to cover the costs of evacuating our OFWs. "

KUNG FU SHOES says: Salmahe mga bata. Paluin, puwet. Pak pak pak.

News said: OWWA Administrator Marianito Roque had dismissed Bichara’s claim, insisting that money had been sent to Beirut and that the agency’s P8-billion fund was intact. “There is no missing fund. We have the funds here and they are being used wisely,” he said on Friday.

Kung FU SHOES says: Yeah, they are using it WISELY. pun intended. errm fun...erm...pan loloko na yan.

News said: Former Senator Ernesto F. Herrera, secretary general of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, yesterday said the Department of Labor and Employment had said two years ago that OWWA had P10 billion. “Now officials are saying the fund has only P8 billion. Where did the difference of P2 billion go?”

KUNG FU SHOES says: Bad math. Akyen regalo sila abacus. yekyekyek.


Headline:Pope urges Lebanon ceasefire. He said:"
In the name of God, I call on all those responsible for this spiral of violence so that weapons are immediately laid down on all sides," he said in his Angelus blessing.

Kung Fu Shoes says: Whose God? The Allah of the Moslems, the Yahweh of the Jews or Jesus Christ of the Christians. Kung Fu Shoes is confused where is Confucius. hekhekhek Makulo isip.

News said : Geir Petersen, the personal representative of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in Lebanon, condemned the Israeli attack on the village of Qana and called for an immediate investigation.

Kung Fu Shoes says: He must be a congressman or senator in his previous life. His response for life threatening crisis is investigation. MAsyalo,shallow. Rhyme ba ? Papatay na sila , hihingi pa imbestigasyon. Dapat pukpok ulo. toink toink

News said: By early afternoon, most protesters had drifted away leaving a few hundred people milling in a carpark opposite the building, which was being protected by a line of Lebanese soldiers.

Kung Fu Shoes says:Whoever said that Wars teach us not to love our enemies, but to hate our allies should be reminded of another saying, politics is war without bloodshed and war is politics with bloodshed.
Masyalo malalim sabi ko. Muntik ako malunod. ngekngekngek.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not RIP, Silly

Headline :Arroyo out of hospital, resting in Palace

Kung Fu Shoes says: Need to get new prescription glasses, thought it is rest in peace. Salbahe mata o salmahe diyaryo? hekhekhek

News said:
Cervantes said Arroyo had agreed to lighten her schedule until she had made a full recovery from the virus.

Kung Fu Shoes says:The virus may be the airbone type. Which virus hit her? One "airborned from Los Angeles;(You must be joc-joc joking ?) one airborned from Lebanon(do i hear a letter B) or one which starts with letter E.
Not E-coli silly, that is bacteria and would never affect the circulatory system especially the heart. Toink toink toink