Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not RIP, Silly

Headline :Arroyo out of hospital, resting in Palace

Kung Fu Shoes says: Need to get new prescription glasses, thought it is rest in peace. Salbahe mata o salmahe diyaryo? hekhekhek

News said:
Cervantes said Arroyo had agreed to lighten her schedule until she had made a full recovery from the virus.

Kung Fu Shoes says:The virus may be the airbone type. Which virus hit her? One "airborned from Los Angeles;(You must be joc-joc joking ?) one airborned from Lebanon(do i hear a letter B) or one which starts with letter E.
Not E-coli silly, that is bacteria and would never affect the circulatory system especially the heart. Toink toink toink

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