Sunday, July 30, 2006


Headline: Joker Arroyo: Still no OWWA funds sent to embassy

KUNG FU SHOES says: Wire transfer takes only a few minutes. Baka gamit, alambre ng sampayan. yuk yuk yuk.

Joker Arroyo said: "Our government agencies are misleading the public into believing that it has sent funds to the Philippine Embassy in Lebanon to cover the costs of evacuating our OFWs. "

KUNG FU SHOES says: Salmahe mga bata. Paluin, puwet. Pak pak pak.

News said: OWWA Administrator Marianito Roque had dismissed Bichara’s claim, insisting that money had been sent to Beirut and that the agency’s P8-billion fund was intact. “There is no missing fund. We have the funds here and they are being used wisely,” he said on Friday.

Kung FU SHOES says: Yeah, they are using it WISELY. pun intended. errm fun...erm...pan loloko na yan.

News said: Former Senator Ernesto F. Herrera, secretary general of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, yesterday said the Department of Labor and Employment had said two years ago that OWWA had P10 billion. “Now officials are saying the fund has only P8 billion. Where did the difference of P2 billion go?”

KUNG FU SHOES says: Bad math. Akyen regalo sila abacus. yekyekyek.

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